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Whiddy Oil Terminals GIS: An Intranet Solution for Oil Spill Response in Bantry Bay

whiddyOilTerminal.jpg Project Status - Complete
Start Year: 2003
End Year: 2003
Funding Body: Port of Cork, Conoco Phillips

Geographic Area: Bantry Bay
Local Study Area: Bantry Bay

Project Co-Ordinator: Vicki O'Donnell
CMRC Contact: Vicki O Donnell


The CMRC was employed to develop an integrated web-based GIS for contingency planning in the event of an oil spill in Bantry Bay. This tool that was developed in the project, integrates data from a wide variety of sources. The system was developed using NASA and University of Minesota Web Map Server open source software. The system is hosted and protected by the CMRC. Access is provided through protected passwords for a range of end users, including relevant local authorities, Conoco Phillips and the Port Authority.